Welcome to the MAUSS homepage!

MAUSS is a mission-based space shooter game in the tradition of good old Tie-Fighter. Two factions struggle for dominance in the universe. The player can play single missions or full campaigns for either one of the two factions.

The game is written in (pretty much) platform idependent C++ (I got it running on Win32 and Linux). It uses very simple self-written graphics engine based on OpenGL and GLUT. Furthermore, it uses a simple scripting system for its mission and entities, so users can easily add new missions, campaigns, and spaceships.

This is actually a project I did with my friend Thorsten Anthes at university 4 years ago. I've decided to put it online (again), because I thought it might be of interest to some people. For now only some screenshots are here. Downloads will follow as soon as I have cleaned up the code a bit and managed to build stable packages.